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Your Quick Guide to a Successful 2024 Nanny Check In

Jan 1, 2024

As we stride into the New Year, it's an ideal time for Nannies and families to engage in an annual check-in. This intentional reflection and discussion provides an invaluable opportunity to ensure alignment, open communication, and continued growth within the Nanny/family relationship.

Here are some key focal points that both Nannies and families may consider addressing during this annual check-in:

  1. Child Development Milestones: Review and discuss the developmental progress and achievements of the child(ren) over the past year. Share observations and insights regarding milestones reached and areas for further growth.

  2. Communication and Expectations: Reflect on communication styles and ensure that both parties feel comfortable discussing concerns, expectations, and any necessary adjustments in responsibilities or routines.

  3. Performance Review: Evaluate the Nannies performance and contributions. Acknowledge strengths and discuss areas for improvement, if any, ensuring a constructive approach.

  4. Family Check: Reflect on the families role as an employer. Nannies consider communication clarity, respect for professionalism and boundaries, recognition of contributions, support for professional growth, fair compensation, and honoring personal time.

  5. Goal Setting: Set collective goals for the upcoming year. Discuss aspirations, learning objectives, and any new routines or developmental strategies for the child.

  6. Work Conditions and Compensation: Review work conditions, schedules, compensation, and any changes or updates needed. Ensure clarity and mutual agreement on all terms.

  7. Professional Development: Discuss opportunities for further training, certifications, or professional growth that may benefit the nanny and contribute to the child's care and development.

  8. Feedback and Appreciation: Exchange feedback, expressing appreciation for efforts and dedication while addressing any potential concerns in a constructive and supportive manner.

  9. Future Expectations and Planning: Discuss long-term plans, potential changes in schedules, family needs, or any significant events that might impact the nanny's role.

The annual check-in serves as a valuable platform for fostering transparency, strengthening relationships, and ensuring continued harmony in the nanny/family dynamic. This structured discussion offers a chance to celebrate achievements, address concerns, and set the course for another successful year of partnership and caregiving.

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